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"... For a Traveler, a destination is the dream of many moons ago, and you cannot leave its organization in the hands of improvisation..."

22 years ago I founded Erandio Bidaiak with my partner. And that idea and delivery was the one that guided us during all this time. The blessed Covid-19 Pandemic has swept away the foundations of that Travel Agency that you friends trusted and gave us your trust and friendship.

He took the name and logo, but not the illusion and philosophy of how to travel and see the world through friendship and organization as sister groups to continue discovering new places.

Five years ago this Association Club Amigos del Buen Viajar was born. Today, with this web page and the work and commitment of all its members, we want to tell you that we want to continue organizing day trips, weekend trips, cultural and scenic trips both in the vicinity of Bizkaia and throughout the world.

to travel is to know
To know is to understand
understanding is peace
LET'S TRAVEL to be happy...

We are waiting for you friends, let's travel again, let's live again as we like; TRAVELING...

Quiénes somos: Sobre nosotros
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